Being me because being normal is too mainstream

People judge you when you don't act as they do, don't have the same interests as they have, and read the same shit they do. I believe that it isn't supposed to be that way, this is your life you live it , you don't let people dictate who you are. They see you as weird, odd, unusual, their faces filled with disgust and annoyance but that's how they see you. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you love what you are doing and you are being yourself so don't let them rule you, embrace yourself because you can never be real if you let them rule over you.

19. Psychology Student. Bookworm. Unusual in every single way. Fangirl. Currently obsessed once again with anime (thank you, Fairy Tail and Bleach), Adventure Time and Harry Potter (always).

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I don’t know whether or not you will receive this text, Senpai. 
At the moment, i don’t know if you’ll ever read this letter.
Senpai, it’s Mirai Kuriyama!
After I send this, I’ll be on my way to go see you, Senpai.
I’ll go and defeat Beyond The Boundary.
I feel very strange right now.
You see, im kinda happy!
I was born to a clan with cursed blood which gave me nothing but hardship.
I always asked myself, why was i every born?
Somewhere, a part of me wanted to die.
But I was wrong to feel that way.
I’m glad i was born!
People say my powers are cursed.
People say they detest my powers.
But I’ve come to realize that my powers aren’t meant to hurt others!
They’re meant to save people!
I’m glad I’ve lived this long.
Im so happy I’m not dead!
I’m truly glad that I came to this town and met you, senpai.
I was much, much happier than i ever realized!
I was never cursed!
Senpai? Senpai, you can die like a normal person now.
So.. So from now on, please lead a normal life.
Live, like just you told me to back that one time.
Senpai..? I don’t feel unpleasant.

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"So from now on, please lead a normal life. Live, just like you told me to back that one time. Senpai? I…I don’t feel unpleasant.”

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Best Kyoukai no Kanata episode so far.

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