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るろうに剣心 // 京都大火編 [x]

Title: Alphabet Walk

Summary: Twenty-five times he stands, twenty-six times he falls

NoteOne post is equal to one drabble, do not expect these drabbles or ficlets to be interrelated, because frankly, I don’t think so.

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He ripped the tattered dress shirt off his shoulders with a hiss, the straps of his gear digging into his skin as he stepped inside his room in two strides, making his way to his cabinet at the far end of the room. He yanked it open and took a clean shirt, tossing it on his bed. He threw the stained shirt in his hamper, not bothering to look because he knew that it would be covered with blood and that he might put cleanliness first before his injuries if he does so.

He wondered how one could be insanely smart and downright stupid at the same time. He wondered how on earth that woman had the credentials to be in the Legion in the first place. He could feel the blood trickling down his back and fought the urge to shudder. He must find his first-aid kit and deal with this problem else he might lose his life over a large wound caused by that woman’s stupidity and carelessness.

Who takes a guillotine’s blade and hangs it on her ceiling anyways? If Moblit weren’t there to snatch the end of the rope he might’ve been dead, split into two, barely alive as that woman pokes into his innards with her unbelievable curiosity. Why does she even have one in her laboratory?

I thought it’d be perfect for that lonely beam in the middle of the ceiling and the nice weight I found outside the headquarters sitting lonely by the door. 

He wanted to burn her, decapitate her, feed her to those Titans she loved so much. Heck, he would volunteer to throw her off the wall if anybody requested. Too bad no one has because he would relinquish the glorious feeling of being the one who kills her. He has a lot of ideas. After all, that’s what he usually does in every meeting as she yaps on and on and on about Titans.

He was rummaging one of his drawers, pushing aside his socks and underwear when he noticed it.

It wasn’t there.

But it was supposed to be there.

Where on—

Levi, uh, emergency. Mike accidentally pressed his arm against one of the test blades I have in my lab. Don’t worry it’s not a big deal but hey, you should see his wound because it is definitely a big one—Oh, and I found the right blade we’ll need for the next excursion! Don’t give me that look, Levi.  Oh, I went here because it’s faster for you to procure your first aid because you’re a neatfreak and I can’t find mine. So?

He distinctly remembered saying ‘no’ before. Why can’t a ‘no’ ever mean ‘no’ to her?

How she manages to turn his neat world upside down and mess it up completely, he doesn’t know. He would never want to know. 

He was on his third drawer, the one housing his polishing materials and sewing kit, when he heard her steps. He could always distinguish hers from others very well.




Like an elephant walking in a hall, lacking of a woman’s finesse and a scout’s covertness.

He slammed the drawer shut louder than he intended to and proceeded to the next one, getting annoyed as she neared his room. He had half the thought of shutting his door and ignoring her but she wouldn’t listen or go away. The woman has no sense of privacy in her body.


Speaking of.

"What?" He snarled not minding to tone his disdain down. He didn’t hear her flinch or step away. That’s what he hated about her, she never acted the way she was supposed to. She wasn’t like the others who stay away, who ignore him, who despise him, who were jealous of him, who fear him—She was Hanji. Numb. Blind. Unaffected. Jesus, the woman even wants a Titan for a pet, probably loony as well.

"I—you’re injured."

"Why, thank you, Captain Obvious." He snapped, rummaging around, pushing, pulling and throwing some articles around. "Care to ask why?"

"Because you were not looking when you went in." Slowly.

"Yes, blame me. I’m not the one who has a guillotine blade hanging on my ceiling, am I?"

"It’s been there for years, and no one got injured, well,” a pause, “we have you now."

"Nice to know I got rid of its killing virginity. Now, can you go? I need to deal with this."

"I’ll help!" She offered, stepping inside his room.

He hissed, eyes narrowing at her, and turned away from her, continuing to search for something that wasn’t even there, “No need. Last thing I would want is for you to touch me. Just the thought of it makes me uncomfortable.”

"I’m not that bad."

"Tell that to Moblit’s awful pinky finger."

"It was dark," she justified, turning pink, "and I couldn’t see!"

"And I don’t want you touching me. Can’t you just take a hint and leave? I don’t need your help. Specifically, I don’t need you."

He felt something graze his left ear, slam against the closed door of his cabinet, fall down, and heard the distinct sound of bottles rolling on his floor. Ah, he found his kit.

"At least you had the audacity to—"

He caught a roll of bandage in his right hand before it could hit him square in the eye. He clenched his fist and glowered at her. “What is your problem, you luna—”

"You may not need me, heck,” she spat out as an afterthought, flourishing her hands by her sides, “we might not—” a pause, “or never need each other so long as we stay here but just so you know, I’m never leaving you alone. No matter how hard you fantasize about my death during meetings, no matter how many times you leave before I can finish a sentence, no matter how many times you push me away—I’d stay and you just have to deal with it.”

She didn’t look away, he didn’t as well. A breath, two, three, and she looked away, looked down on her dirty boots and his polished floor. He watched her take a step back, two, until she was out his door before looking at him again.

"You may never need me, Levi, but I’d stay. I’d stay and you can depend on me. Always."

She turned away and he listened to her heavy footfalls against the floorboards until he couldn’t hear her anymore. He opened his clenched fist, sighed and shook his head, “Depend on her? She can’t even tell the difference between a tissue and a bandage.”




Mamura Daiki + outfits (pt.1)

How My Mind Works please don't judge me

(Source: orangelightning-mik)


levi is like “this is why you’re my favourite”

these two would be fucking wild parents

Hanji:I don't want to be commander
Levi:I know
Levi:It's horrible having to order your men to die
Hanji:I don't want Erwin's eyebrows
Levi:I don't think they come with the--


hange’s like “dear diary, today was a gold star day; I broke levi for the eleventh time”

i think levi wanted to laugh but he hasn’t in so long that his brain just shut down

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